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BuildMoNa Annual Report 2016

Pursuing a Doctorate in Leipzig

– a guide of The PhD Candidates' Council at Leipzig University

Former Principal Investigators

Former Principal Investigators of the Graduate School BuildMoNa

Surname, first name, academic titleLeft BuildMoNa
Berger, Stefan, Prof. Dr.2013
Buchmeiser, Michael, Prof. Dr.2009
Butz, Tilman, Prof. Dr.2013
Hackbusch, Wolfgang, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.2013
Harms, Hauke, Prof. Dr.2018
Keyser, Ulrich Felix, Dr.2008
Kirchner, Barbara, Prof. Dr.2013
Morgner, Harald, Prof. Dr.2013
Müller, Stefan, Prof. Dr.2008
Schirmer, Kristin, Dr.2008

last update: 27 March 2018, A. Hildebrand