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BuildMoNa Annual Report 2016

Pursuing a Doctorate in Leipzig

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Past Transferable Skills

List of BuildMoNa Transferable Skills courses in the past years (inverse chronological order). Click on the title to get more information on a course.

Presentation Workshop in combination with the Annual BuildMoNa Conference3 March and 17 March 2016BuildMoNa/ Dr. Frank Lorenzcompleted
Presentation Workshop in combination with the Annual BuildMoNa Conference12 March and 26 March 2015BuildMoNa/ Dr. Frank Lorenzcompleted
Doctorate and then what?! Workshop on career planning for doctoral candidates in the sciences5–6 June 2014Research Academy/ BuildNoNa/ uni-supportcompleted
Grant proposal writing19–20 May 2014Research Academy/ BuildNoNa/ RaumZeitcompleted
Presentation Workshop in combination with the Annual BuildMoNa Conference27 February and 6 March 2014BuildMoNa/ Dr. Frank Lorenzcompleted
Career planning for PhD students: Application standards – personal strategies25–26 November 2013Research Academy/ BuildMoNa/Golincompleted
The doctoral degree as a project: managing complex research projects3–4 June 2013Research Academy/ BuildMoNa/ uni-supportcompleted
C++-Programmierung14–16 May 2013BuildMoNa/ PD Dr. Rainer Pickenhaincompleted
Presentation Workshop in combination with the Annual BuildMoNa Conference26 February and 7 March 2013BuildMoNa/ Dr. Frank Lorenzcompleted
Scientific writing – Part II1-2 October 2012BuildMoNa/ Sommerfeldtcompleted
Work-organisation and time management19 September 2012BuildMoNa/ uni-supportcompleted
Presentation Workshop in combination with the BuildMoNa doctoral candidates' workshop17+27 September 2012BuildMoNa/ Dr. Frank Lorenzcompleted
Career planning5-6 June 2012BuildMoNa/ uni-supportcompleted
Scientific writing – Part I26-27 April 2012BuildMoNa/ Sommerfeldtcompleted
Presenting your strength convincingly: Effective strategies for applying for academic jobs23-24 April 2012BuildMoNa/ uni-supportcompleted
Speaking with confidence9-10 January 2012BuildMoNa/ Millie Bakercompleted
Advanced presentation skills (in preparation for the BuildMoNa-workshop for doctoral candidates19/26/28 September 2011BuildMoNacompleted
Mastering the selection process: Developing job application strategies for business and industry18-19 August 2011BuildMoNa/ uni-supportcompeted
Scientific writing and publishing research I4-5 July 2011BuildMoNa/ Dr. Sommerfeldtcompleted
Conflict management for doctoral candidates: From a clash to a culture of conflict25 February 2011BuildMoNa/ GOLINcompleted
Scientific writing and publishing research II3-4 February 2011BuildMoNa/ Dr. Sommerfeldtcompleted
Conversation & networking: Reaching your goal through successful communication30 June 2010BuildMoNa/ GOLINcompleted
Project management for young scientists: Taking off as project pilot29 June 2010BuildMoNa/ GOLINcompleted
Scientific writing and publishing research I17-18 June 2010BuildMoNa/ Dr. Sommerfeldtcompleted
Academic instruction for junior university teachers: Against boring teaching!2-3 June 2010BuildMoNa/ GOLINcompleted
Scientific Writing and Publishing Research Part IFebruary 2010Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Präsentationstechniken26-27 January 2010Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Frauen und KarriereJanuary 2010Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Boston Consulting GroupJanuary 2010Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Projektmanagment7-9 January 2010Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
MindmappingDecember 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Erfolgreiches Zeit- und StressmanagementDecember 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Schreibwerkstatt für Doktoranden25-27 November 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Introductory Workshop on Intercultural Communication24-25 November 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Advanced LaTeX course16-20 November 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Career planning for PhD students: Application standards - personal strategies5 November 2009BuildMoNa/ GOLINCompleted
Datenverwaltung und -auswertung mit ACCESS 20073-6 and 10-13 November 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Literaturverwaltung CitaviOctober 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Erstellung webbasierter Datenbanken mit FileMaker28 October 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Academic Writing22 October 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
LaTeX Einsteigerkurs19-23 October 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Erstellung von Webauftritten (Grundlagen, HTML, PHP)19 and 26 October 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Datenauswertung und -darstellung mit Excel 200716, 23 and 30 October 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Linux und Open Source Software12 October 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Advanced presentation skills (in preparation for the BuildMoNa Workshop for doctoral candidates)5 October 2009BuildMoNaCompleted
Team work & leadership competencies in Academia an beyond: Youngster – team player – key player1 October 2009BuildMoNa/ GOLINCompleted
Einführung in TYPO328 September, 5 October 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
SPSS für Windows15-17 September 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Erfolgreich Präsentieren15-16 September 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Networking for Academics: Creating perspectives through contacts23 July 2009BuildMoNa/ GOLINCompleted
Conflict Management for Doctoral Candidates: From a clash to a culture of conflict29 June 2009BuildMoNa/ GOLINCompleted
Computergestützte Rationalisierung der Laborarbeit – Programmierung für Experimentatoren22, 23, 29, 30 June 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Schleyer Seminar Junge Wissenschaft und Praxis zum Thema "Was ist Wahr? – Über Objektivität und Relativität wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnis"19-20 June 2009Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Patentworkshop für Naturwissenschaftler6 May 2009Nachwuchsgruppe "Weiße Biotechnologie"Completed
Writing and publishing research II12-13 March 2009BuildMoNaCompleted
Blockseminar: Präsentationstechniken für Wissenschaftler4+18 March 2009Research Academy Leipzig/SMILECompleted
Scientific writing and publishing research II4-5 December 2008Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Intercultural Training26 November 2008Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Career planning for PhD students: Application standards – personal strategies7 November 2008GOLINCompleted
Advanced presentation skills14/17 October 2008Prof. Dr. Roger Gläser/BuildMoNaCompleted
Erfolgreich Präsentieren22-23 September 2008Research Academy LeipzigCompleted
Scientific writing and publishing research I18-19 September 2008Research Academy Leipzig/BuildMoNaCompleted
Team work & leadership competencies in academia and beyond: Youngster – team player – key player12 September 2008GOLIN Wissenschafts-ManagementCompleted
Fundraising for young scientists: How to open doors and avoid pitfalls in research funding4 July 2008GOLIN Wissenschafts-ManagementCompleted
Schleyer-Nixdorf Seminar: "Junge Wissenschaft und Praxis"20-21 June 2008Research Academy LeipzigCompleted

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