Doctoral Training

Scientific and Methods Modules

The major objective of these modules is interdisciplinary knowledge transfer in important fields of materials science including essential related methods. In total, 4 basic, 6 thematic and 3 advanced scientific and methods modules are offered as two-day courses. Doctoral candidates may choose 5 of these modules (at least three of them have to be chosen from the programme offered by BuildMoNa) to obtain a minimum of 10 graded credit points (CP - 1 module corresponds to 2 CP). In addition to the principal investigators, international guest lecturers and industrial partners are involved in the courses ensuring the interdisciplinary and international character of the training. Two or three principal investigators will be responsible for each module. In general, the modules are organized as follows:

  1. Preparation phase: Doctoral candidates coming from different disciplines will obtain a basic know-how before participating in the required modules.
  2. Basics: The preparation phase, recapitulation of the basics, and the introduction of the respective scientific area are the main objectives.
  3. Scientific focus: The specific knowledge of the research areas is presented and discussed with respect to the academic profile of the Graduate School.
  4. Within the scientific modules, major related methods are included. For doctoral candidates who want to broaden and improve their practical skills, an additional elective practical course is offered in terms of a tandem model (e.g., a doctoral candidate from physics explains a specific method in nanomanipulations to a student from chemistry).

Transferable skills

To achieve personal and professional skills and competences a number of courses are offered by the Graduate School itself, and centrally by the Research Academy Leipzig. Doctoral candidates can choose the courses according to their own demands and interests (in accordance with the Personal Development Plan). In total 5 CP have to be acquired during the three-year program. The courses will be offered as one- or two-day workshops during one semester.

Annual BuildMoNa Conference

Every year an interdisciplinary scientific event, the Annual BuildMoNa Conference, for doctoral candidates will be organized. Its goal is knowledge transfer in specific major research areas of the Graduate School. Within the event doctoral candidates who finished their first year of graduate studies have to report their scientific progress to an interdisciplinary audience. Furthermore, it will also comprise lectures held by invited speakers, industrial partners, and Graduate School members to foster intensive scientific discussion within the interdisciplinary audience. Doctoral candidates will obtain 1 CP for their oral or poster presentation.

last update: 5 June 2019, A. Hildebrand