Scientific Modules

The following table lists all BuildMoNa Scientific Modules in 2020 (inverse chronological order). Click on the Module Code to get more information on a Module.

Module CodeModule NameDateStatus
2020-A1Active Assemblies (Minisymposium)30 Sep.–02 Oct. 2020**Postponed**
2020-A2Chemical Biology and Biophysics of Cancer (Symposium)22–24 Sep. 2020Completed
2020-A3Quantum Coherent Structures: Non–Hermitian Systems - ONLINE LECTURE 30 Sep. 2020 Completed
2020-B4Basic Concepts in Molecular Spectroscopy - ONLINE LECTURE21–22 Sep. 2020Completed


  1. To receive the BuildMoNa Certificate, five graded scientific modules have to be attended, where at least three of them have to be chosen from the programme offered by BuildMoNa. The other two modules can, with reconfirmation from the BuildMoNa Steering Committee, be attended within other programmes.
  2. The modules B1–B4 will only be awarded with two graded credit points for doctoral candidates from background outside the respective fields.
  3. Except for the basic modules B1–B4, which will be awarded with two graded credit points once only, the modules can be attended and graded several times.

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