Graduate School
Leipzig School of Natural Sciences –
Building with Molecules and Nano-objects
Universitšt Leipzig

The Graduate School "Leipzig School of Natural Sciences – Building with Molecules and Nano-objects (BuildMoNa)" focuses on interdisciplinary graduate education through top-level, synergistic research within the framework of the Research Academy Leipzig. Our materials research concept is based on a "bottom-up" approach. Progressive building blocks, such as nano-objects, smart molecules, polymeric scaffolds, and active proteins, will be combined – preferentially by self-organization – to create fundamentally new classes of materials that are inspired by active, adaptive living matter, and that are environmentally friendly, highly efficient, low-cost devices serving multifunctional purposes for a steadily more diversified modern society. The paradigm shift from uniform bulk materials towards nanostructured multifunctional materials that emerge from combinations of smart molecules, proteins, and nano-objects is essential for the future knowledge transfer from fundamental to applied sciences.

The Graduate School's main objective is "Building with Molecules and Nano-objects (BuildMoNa)". The central themes will connect interdisciplinary, fundamental Research, the use and development of suitable, novel Methods, and interdisciplinary graduate Training.

In our Research, "hard" (synthetic molecules and crystalline nanostructures) and/or "soft" (polymers, biomolecules) building blocks will be directly connected or organized to complex structures by scaffolds to reveal new building principles and to produce new, desired materials with innovative applications.

For the success of such research the development of novel Methods for building and characterization of new materials is essential.

Recognizing the need for a new breed of interdisciplinary scientists the Training program aims at promoting interdisciplinary exchange in the natural sciences by high-quality education in material- and method-oriented subjects.

The cooperation with international scientific and industrial partners, as well as other research institutions in the Leipzig area, will complement and broaden the school's expertise and outreach by establishing a unique research and training network for the doctoral candidates.

The school aims to attract highly motivated and excellent applicants with BSc, MSc or equivalent degrees from around the world to engage in top-level research and high-quality training which will propel them into important positions in academia and industry.

last update: 7 March 2023, A. Hildebrand